Why we exist

We’re passionate about giving SME entrepreneurs access to the same if not better resources available to large organizations. We want to make these resources transparent, accessible and cost effective.


What we do

Shft Asia is a one stop centre that provides SME entrepreneurs and businesses with the necessary tools, services and platforms required for them to grow and transform their businesses.


Who we are

The Shft Asia team consists of SME entrepreneurs who have started, grown and successfully exited their previous businesses. We understand the challenges of growing an SME. We’re here to tell you that with the right tools, running a successful business can be easier, effective and cost efficient.


Armand Yeoh Abdullah

Managing Director

Armand has been an entrepreneur and an SME owner for the past 16 years. He’s a serial entrepreneur who started and developed 6 different businesses since 2002. His last business venture grew to become the No 1 player in the country with presence in 6 countries internationally and was then successfully acquired by a multinational group in 2017.

He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs of SME businesses make their breakthroughs and grow their businesses. He started Shft Asia as he believes that all entrepreneurs are able to build successful businesses with the combination of ambition and access to the right tools and networks.

Santhya Maria Ramanado


Santhya co-founded Shft Asia because she believes entrepreneurs can successfully run their businesses if they have access to the right tools. She’s passionate about growing along with SMEs, seeing them through to their success. Partners with Armand, their last business venture grew to become the No 1 player in the country, which was successfully acquired by a multinational group.

Her strength lies in bridging the gap between what Management wants with what the workforce understands and executes. She also brings a fresh perspective to businesses, with a focus on engaging millennial workforce and customers. Santhya holds a BSc in Business, majoring in Finance. She’s also a business owner of a chain of ‘Ladies Only’ fitness studios.

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