How we help you transform your business?

How we help you transform your business?

Business Solutions

We provide transparent & cost effective solutions in all areas to help your business


Strategic Planning

We understand your vision and translate that into clear, actionable goals. We align various teams; we measure real results.

Digital Marketing

Engage with your digital audience via new marketing trends and social media opportunities. Measure the impact on your business.


Tell your story and translate your value proposition more effectively. Engage and retain more customers.

Digital Transformation

Leverage on technology to deliver better and more efficient services. Stay on top of your competition. Stay relevant in a disruptive market.

Operational Excellence

Align your business strategy with operations. Bridge gaps by focusing on customer needs, workforce engagement, KPI alignment etc.

Building A High Performance Team

Build a world class culture. Empower your team to be leaders. Drive results through your people.

Raising Capital

Understand the different options available to raise capital. Leverage on options that actually grow your business.

Improving Customer Experience

Understand your customer’s journey, before and after purchasing your product. Improve their entire experience by adding value that matters to them.

Preparing For An Exit

Can your business run successfully without you? Know how much your business is valued at. Learn more about succession planning, selling a business etc.


Business Toolkits

Everything from business frameworks to templates; we’ll help you understand and apply it to your business areas.

Business Software

Leverage software programs to collect data, measure and perform or improve your business functions.

Support Services

Outsource your admin functions. Increase your customer reach, improve process efficiency, lower costs and increase sales.

Business Training

Making that SHIFT to transform your business requires access to knowledge. Access information made simple and easy to tell you what you really need to know. Gain access to conferences, live training programs, webinars and much more.

We run training programs focused on these two main areas.


Becoming a better entrepreneur

  • Building a Vision driven business
  • Elite mindset and performance
  • Disruptive innovation
  • Creating your brand
  • The art of negotiation
  • Working ON your business; not IN your business
  • Funding your business
  • Succession Planning


Developing your leadership team

  • Leadership and strategic programs
  • Business toolkits for immediate implementation to learnings
  • 12 month mentorship program
  • Access to a community of like minded peers and
  • Visits to other high performing organizations for benchmarking and exposure

    Business Community

    Be a part of our SME community where we connect you
    to peers, experts and mentors.

    We provide access to a network of successful professionals.


    Peer Groups

    • Regular meetings with other like minded high performing entrepreneurs
    • Get feedback or learn from mistakes made by other entrepreneurs


    Resident Experts

    • Access SHFT's resident experts from various industries
    • Connect via phone, video conferencing or face to face sessions (hourly or long term)



      • Get mentored by other successful entreprenurs
      • Find a right business or life coach that will help you reach your goals